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Accreditation Information / ACCME Compliance

On-line self learning programs on this website are planned and implemented in accordance with the Essential Areas and Policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) through ScientiaCME. ScientiaCME is accredited by the ACCME to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

ScientiaCME determines needs and educational objectives based upon surveys of part participants as well as review of medical literature. Suitable programs which address those needs are selected for implementation. Commercial support may be requested in the form of an educational grant, but only after the needs and objectives are clearly identified.

Selection of presenters and/or developers of content is accomplished by review of literature (and existing on-line educational programs), and finding appropriate and qualified faculty. Once faculty is selected, disclosures are obtained and reviewed to ensure no commercial bias. At this point, content is developed based upon previously identified learning objectives.

ScientiaCME uses its established on-line presentation methods and evaluation metrics (pre-tests, post-tests, evaluations, post-program surveys) free from the control of commercial bias.

ScientiaCME consistently strives to meet the mandates set by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education, and the American Nurses Credentialing Center with respect to commercial support for its continuing education programming. All programs are educational in nature and are planned, designed, and implemented in accordance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Guidance on Industry-Supported Scientific and Educational Activities. Continuing education activities provided or sponsored by ScientiaCME are independent, comprehensive, and evidence based. The limitations of data are disclosed, (FDA) unapproved uses are identified, and there are opportunities for questioning and debate at live presentations. ScientiaCME is solely responsible for the nature and provision of educational materials and post-activity evaluations, regardless of whether commercial interests provide fiscal support for their production. It conducts programming independently and without control or influence by a sponsor over programming planning, content, and execution; programs are free of commercial bias for or against any product. ScientiaCME discloses a sponsor’s support of programming, as well as prior or additional support for any participating speaker. Financial support from commercial interests are disclosed during educational activities. ScientiaCME determines how all commercial support funding continuing medical education and continuing education activities is used and distributed. No additional funds are provided to ScientiaCME aside from those described in each activity’s budget. Educational grant money is NOT used to subsidize the cost of travel, lodging, nor registration fees for attendees or their spouses, nor for meals or social events other than those for modest meals or events intended to facilitate discussion and held as part of the program. ScientiaCME does not accept advice or services regarding content, style of presentation, or participants from commercial interests as prerequisites for sponsorship. A commercial sponsor may provide names of suggested speakers only: in response to an inquiry by ScientiaCME; and as one of a number of sources of presenter recommendations. ScientiaCME does not allow a sponsor to engage in any promotional activities in or near the program room (if at a live presentation) or to advertise its products in distributed materials. Sponsors must agree to these terms.

We require all staff and/or consultants in a position to control educational content to complete COI and disclosure questionnaires. This includes anyone working for a company involved in a joint sponsorship of a CME activity who is involved in the development and implementation of the CME program as well as faculty. Any individuals who refuse to disclose their financial interests and COIs and furthermore affirm (i.e. sign) those disclosures, will not be allowed to participate in the CME process. This is enforced in the contract language of our standard consulting agreement.

To ensure that all presenters are qualified to speak on their subject material and that COIs do not influence any presentation, we begin by requiring that all speakers complete a speaker disclosure form prior to their presentation, giving us enough time to review the disclosure for any potential COIs. We also require a CV that is reviewed to ensure that the presenter is an expert in the material that they are presenting. Furthermore, we review literature and/or available on-line educational presentations to determine the suitability of faculty. Disclosures are reviewed for any COIs, and independent medical review of subject material is conducted in cases of suspected bias.

An independent medical review of a presentation is conducted if any COI or perceived COI is suspected and cannot be resolved directly by ScientiaCME with the faculty member in question. For internet-based self learning programs, we retain the ability edit information that we consider biased or directly related to a COI. If a ScientiaCME reviewer has a COI, then s/he must recuse himself from participation in the activity's review. If there is a suspicion of bias (as evidence by participant feedback or personal communication with event organizers) raised after a program has taken place, then ScientiaCME will request an independent medical review of the content in question by an expert in the area of medical specialty who is unaffiliated with the program or commercial interest in question. If the independent reviewer concludes that there is evidence of bias, then ScientiaCME will, within a period of 30 days and based on reviewer recommendations, develop a working plan to avoid similar bias in all future programming and correct the bias in the case of web based programs (i.e. edit presentations and/or associated audio and video).